Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Euless, TX

You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Dental team member holding tablet and asking a patient questions

Our team at Pleasant Dental wants you to feel knowledgeable and confident when discussing your oral healthcare needs with us, but we also know that to be informed, you must first ask questions. You will see below that many of our patients have inquired about various aspects of dentistry. We’ve provided the answers for you to review. Should you have any additional questions, we encourage you to call our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. B.

How many times do I need to see a dentist each year?

It is recommended not only by Dr. B but also by the American Dental Association (ADA) that you schedule two dental checkups and teeth cleanings each year. This ensures that your teeth and gums receive the professional attention they need to avoid falling victim to cavities and gum disease. Using specialized instruments and technologies, we can pinpoint problem areas early on and deliver timely treatment before it has the chance to worsen.

What kind of sedation dentistry do you offer for anxious patients?

For anyone who might be anxious about visiting the dentist’s office, we are pleased to provide both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to our patients. These options make it easy to remain calm and relaxed throughout appointments. Based on a visit with Dr. B, we will determine which type of sedation is right for you.

Will my child be seen by your dental team?

Yes! Our team enjoys caring for younger smiles. Whether it is children or teenagers that we’re seeing, you can count on us to provide the top-quality dental care they deserve. Because their smiles are still growing, we can ensure that kid-friendly treatment options are available to minimize their risk for dental caries as well as monitor the development of their oral and facial structures to catch any issues early on and make a plan for proper treatment.

Why is Invisalign better than traditional braces?

Invisalign and traditional braces both have the same goal – to straighten teeth. However, many patients find that with Invisalign, they can pursue treatment without feeling self-conscious about their appearance. The clear plastic trays make this form of orthodontics more discreet, and the flexibility of removing trays before eating makes meal consumption easier and more enjoyable. Not to mention, Invisalign, on average, produces faster results than traditional braces.

Do I need to see a dentist about my bleeding gums?

Yes, you should not neglect treatment if you find that your gums are bleeding. Inflammation and tenderness, along with bleeding, are clear indicators that you are in the early stages of gum disease (gingivitis). With professional teeth cleanings and at-home oral hygiene habits, we can work to reverse the problem, but if it progresses, it can begin to affect the bones and teeth. Getting treatment right away is the best thing to do to avoid more serious and damaging symptoms.

Will you accept my dental insurance?

Yes, we will welcome all PPO dental insurance plans! It is our goal to make dental care affordable for all patients, so our team will work closely with you to review your policy and make suggestions as to how you can take advantage of your available benefits. This will help you save money each time you visit our dental office.